Dr. Rahman, Presenter, GSO Spinal Deformity Symposium

Spinal Deformity Symposium-2016Dr. Rahman recently served as a faculty member at the 3rd Annual Global Spine Outreach Spinal Deformity Symposium in Mexico City, Mexico. Chaired by Greg Mundis, Jr., MD, Anthony Rinella, MD, Mauricio Montalvo, MD and Enrique Rosales, MD, the meeting focused on the diagnosis and surgical management of commonly-seen spinal deformity, including the latest treatment options and avoiding complications.

In his presentation, Osteotomies to Restore Sagittal Balance, Dr. Rahman spoke about the importance of evaluating spino-pelvic parameters in the context of global alignment. He emphasized the importance of choosing the correct osteotomy for each patient given the inherent risk of osteotomies—especially as the complexity increases. Dr. Rahman also explored the factors important to consider for choosing the osteotomy level.

Ra’Kerry Rahman, MD was delighted to share the stage with other esteemed leaders in the spinal deformity arena, including Behrooz Akbarnia, MD, Lawrence Lenke, MD and Gregory Mundis Jr., MD. Together, they explored advancements in spinal deformity treatment.

Dr. Rahman Helps Kids with Scoliosis in Colombia

In the summer of 2016, Dr. Rahman traveled to Colombia to help children with spine conditions such as scoliosis. While there, he performed surgeries and follow-up visits to help monitor recovery. Pedicle screw technology, commonly used in the US, helped treat complex spinal deformities.

This trip was on behalf of Global Spine Outreach, a non-profit group that transforms the lives of children with severe spinal deformities around the world. This organization's Mission is: Global Spine Outreach (GSO) transforms the lives of children with severe spinal deformities worldwide by performing state-of-the-art surgeries free of charge. We collaborate with local medical communities to build self-sustaining spine surgery centers of excellence. We enable surgeons to continually refine and sharpen their spine surgery skills through training and education provided by leading spine surgeons.

Dr. Rahman helping kids in Colombia

Dr. Rahman helping kdis with spinal deformity in Colombia

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