Case: Kyphosis

Kyphosis Patient Delighted With Surgery Results, After Years of Suffering
Patient History

The patient, a lady in her 50s, came to our office having suffered for many years with back pain and a major curve (when viewed from the side) in the mid portion of her spine. She  was very unhappy with her appearance due to the “hunch back” type curve, and with the limitations that the back pain was putting on her life. She had tried various non-operative treatments, but none of them had proven helpful.

Patient Examination and Diagnosis

Dr. Rahman performed a physical exam, and ordered and reviewed Xrays. The patient was shown to have a very pronounced kyphotic curve (Figs. 1-2), and a modest sideways curve seen from the front (Fig. 3). Dr. Rahman recommended surgery.


Fig. 1: Xray from the side (lateral view) showing major kyphotic curve.


Fig 2: Picture showing patient’s kyphosis.


Fig. 3: Xray showing modest sideways curve viewed from the front.


Dr. Rahman performed a surgery seeking to reduce the kyphotic curve (hunch back) and the sideways curve seen from the front.


The patient was delighted with the outcome. Both her kyphotic curve (Fig. 4) and scoliotic curve (Fig. 5) were greatly reduced. Her back pain was dramatically reduced, and today she describes having an active and full life.


Fig. 4: Xray after surgery showing greatly reduced kyphotic curve.


Fig. 5: Xray after surgery showing greatly reduced sideways curve.


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