Case: Cervical Artificial Disc

Construction Worker with Neck and Arm Pain, and Headaches
Patient History

The 45-year-old male patient came to Dr. Rahman’s office with a complaint of neck pain, right arm pain, and occasional headaches. He had tried non-operative therapies for more than 3 months, but his symptoms had not improved.

Patient Examination and Diagnosis

Dr. Rahman examined the patient, and requested several x-rays and MRI scans. The patient was diagnosed a degenerated disc in his cervical spine.


Fig. 1: Xray showing cervical artificial disc positioned in the spine.

Dr. Rahman performed a surgery to remove the pressure on the nerve structures, and to maintain the neck’s alignment and flexibility. He replaced the disc with a cervical artificial disc (Fig. 1).









The patient did well post-operatively, reporting that his neck and arm pain, and occasional headaches were gone. He returned to work in the construction industry within 6 weeks.