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Kyphosis With Neurogenic Tumors

Patient History: 19-year-old male with severe back pain. The patient had noted a significant roundness of his mid back. He experienced pain within the apex of the round portion of his back. Both his parents felt the hump was enlarging. Dr. Rahman found neurogenic tumors on his preoperative workup. After further workup these were deemed stable. Surgery was carried out uneventfully.

Surgery: A kyphosis correction was performed with an excellent result.

Fig.1 PA View

Fig.1 Frontal View Xray Showing Thoracic Curve

Fig.1 PA View Corrected

Fig.2 Frontal View Xray Showing Correction of Thoracic Curve

Fig.2 Lateral View

Fig.3 Side View Xray Showing Thoracic Kyphosis

Fig.2 Lateral View Corrected

Fig.4 Side View Xray Showing Correction of Thoracic Kyphosis

Outcome: The patient was able to return to college without pain and is doing very well. There were no hospital complications. The patient was discharged home 4-5 days after surgery.